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Let me set the record straight,
regarding recent posts to the various dog lists-
Australia and World wide-

Re-Oops & What would you do-

Re The sender of the said email's-
I felt very sad to read these postings by her obvious lack of
human values regarding these dogs in co ownership-
and even more saddened for the USA breeders of these adorable dogs-
who sent over quality stock both are USA Home Bred
~ Owner Handled to their titles. ~
The breeders in the USA have been helpful at all times and honest.
I feel their Quality Kennel Name has been tainted-
and should get a public apology at the very least-
from this woman who sent the above emails to the list.

Cameron' -Am.Aust.Ch.Crestrail Cabin Fever (Imp USA)
has never had seizures so far in his life he is an eye clear happy
healthy and gentle natured boy and above all he is not vicious-
he is a super friendly boy who loves everyone-
one could not wish for a more even tempered boy-
who was sent over here to help our very small gene pool-
'Scarlett' -Am.Ch.Crestrail Ride Like The Wind Imp USA-
Scarlett has never had seizures -
she is also eye clear happy & healthy girl -

For the record-
The sender of the above emails has never paid her share for 'Cameron'
to the Breeder in USA nor did she pay any monies towards Scarlett -

Re-the dog that did have seizures-that was put to sleep-
yes he was a locally bred dog-
I was sorry to see a young dog needing to put down.
I asked were any blood tests taken to evualate the degree of the so called seizures.
The answer was no could not afford it-
This dog could have been placed on medication but the owner chose to euthanize-
that was her doing not mine-he was approx the age of 2 when this happened.

Try as we may as breeders to do as much testing & checking into health issues
humanly possible sometimes things just happen-
that is part and parcel of being in dog breeding.

I tried to help the matter by giving a 1/2 share of full litter sister &
1/2 share of 'Scarlett' the USA imported bitch at no cost to the sender
of the above emails that went to the lists-

this was done out of the kindness of my heart- seeing she had just lost her dog-
we had an agreement we would split the costs for any whelping of puppies
food for the bitches -worming ~ vaccinations - Eye clearances - puppies food-etc,

I have yet to have any monies given to me to cover these owed costs
its seems shes has forgotten all about that part of it.

Re the New South Wales bitch the sender of the above list emails would not
sign off on her & demanded $500- to do so-

These are part of a long saga of events with this person
I have only listed but a few..
Yes Folks always two sides to every story.

'Cameron' in Australia

Am.Ch. Crestrail's Northern Lights & Am.Ch.Crestrail Cabin Fever in USA
Brother & Sister team-"Shanna" & "Cameron"

We take much pleasure in proudly annoucing that our 'Cammie' is now an
Australian Champion
American/Australian Champion Crestrail's Cabin Fever
aka "Cameron"

"Cameron" is OFA'd # "Good"

He holds a Current Eye Clearance 'ACES. for Cataract.
Eye Clear

He is also DNA tested-PRCD-CLEAR for PRA

His first 4 litters are currently on the ground & look very promising.

We wish to thank Eilene & Gary White-
from Crestrail Cockers-USA
for allowing us the opportunity to have "Cameron" come and join us in Australia.

His arrival allows us to bring new blood and a new look to our girls.
"Cameron" was the first Champion from the litter to finish.
Taking his final Major over 6 Specials Dogs
This Brother & Sister/team finished quickly & both on
the same weekend winning several Speciality Majors, Sweeps & Best of Breeds.
Breeder Owner Handled by Eilene

"Cameron" is co-owned
Thankyou Eilene so much for allowing my dreams to come true.
Also for a wonderful 'Ambassador' to the breed here in Australia-
'Cameron's temperament is super soft he is a gentle man.

He fears no strangers

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